Saturday, September 27, 2008

for starters

     I'm not very good at getting out and interacting with people, but I would like to take a crack at the whole "making a living doing something I love" thing. I started spinning almost a year ago and totally fell in love with art yarns like Lampe's Lumps and Pluckyfluff. I love the combination of textures and colors, how it's an abstract construction with practical applications. I've always loved making art; ceramics, photography, painting; but learning to spin yarn has been about more than just art for art's sake for me because it also overlaps with my interest in history and getting to the root of things. Spinning and making fabric is one of the oldest crafts, up there with cave painting and pottery making. In a dorky sense, I get a little excited knowing that I would have such a useful skill in a post-apocalyptic future. 
     I have an etsy shop but those things certainly don't advertise themselves and this blog, along with my other sites on Ravlery and Flickr, are part of my self-promotion. 

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