Thursday, November 13, 2008

I started a real job last week so lately I've been adjusting to that and getting in yarn time. I also started a knitting project with some recycled sweater yarn, a white angora/lamb's wool. Frogging it has turned into a headache because the fibers are so soft that when I come to a snag it wants to break in half instead of free. I managed to get a whole sleeve free and dyed a variegated blue. Now I'm working on Elizabeth Zimmerman's shawl pattern from A Knitter's Almanac. Though I will probably end up with a blanket rather than the shawl.

I've been using the flax and hemp I recently bought in a lot of the new yarns and I realized this morning that I seem pathologically unable to avoid using pink. I just did a skein based on the poster for Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette and it has both the flax/hemp and the pink. The sweets series (I made a chunky one and a skinny one) has bunches of pink, too. Maybe avoiding it will be my project for this week, that and upping my output.

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