Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm working on putting my very first really real original pattern together. I have a tendency to kind of improvise when I knit things, sometimes working froma pattern or just winging it freehand, but this is the first time I actually thought it through and created a piece on my own that wasn't a hat or a scarf. Which isn't to say that it just sprung from my needles like some yarny Athena. There are some heavy Norah Gaughan influences and a dash of loop-d-loop. I'm calling it the Atelier Sweater, because I can see my own daughter stuffing colored pencils in the pocket and getting down Reggio Emilia style. 
I'm planning on making a few more in a thick and thin cream colored wool yarn for the shop and possibly selling the pattern as well. 
I finished spinning my winter cycle of yarns last night, all three of them and will get those up next Friday. 

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mary jane said...

i love that little sweater with that pocket!! so cute!