Tuesday, June 7, 2011

At the risk of outing myself as a complete dork, I wanted to share something awesome. There is this movie I first saw in some philosophy class years and years ago that I try to rent/borrow/despair of ever finding again called Mindwalk. The last time I watched it I found a VHS copy at the library and a used copy on half.com was something like $90 (now they go for about $20, but still...). It has Liv Ullman and the guy from Law and Order in it and basically all it is them waxing philosophical and discussing quantum physics while they meander around Mont St. Michele. I just re-subscribed to Netflix and according to them the movie may as well not exist. But when I googled it I discovered this, they have the whole thing on google video. The sound quality is terrible, but its not that much worse than the worn out tapes I'm used to.

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