Monday, February 6, 2012

Heartbreak! Despair! Crankitude!

I recently wrote my first official pattern and decided to put it on the back of my art postcards as a sort of poof of functionality. So many people looked at my yarn at the Firefly show and asked me, "It's pretty, but what can you make with it?". I have been waiting at the mailbox practically everyday since I put the order in at Moo and a few days ago I looked at the tracking page, confirming my worst had already been "delivered", to who knows where. It might have been misdelivered or stolen, but either way I have little hope of getting it now. This keeps happening to us and it's so frustrating! But it seems sort of silly to just let the pattern languish in the ether with it's 2-D counterpart, so I've put it up in the Etsy shop for $2.00.

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