Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Some more wirecore

Here's one more wirecore. I made a super fancy batt too large, so I used the extra for this skein. I'm thinking I'll use it to make some bracelets for the Renegade show. It has silk and bamboo, mohair and angora and paco-vicuna cocoons. The main, not wirecored skein has big, puffy cocoons, but these ones are more like those beads you make out of magazines at summer camp. Only instead of being made out of old issues of Golfer Weekly, these are made of the softest fiber this side of South America. Mmmm...

The name of this skein, Oxygen, goes with one of the biggest series of done so far. I have about 14 skeins lined up, all named after elements from the periodic table. I got the cues for color, texture and such from this guy. Oxygen is really, really blue if it's really, really chilly, but most of the elements, in their pure form are one form or another of silvery in color, so I had to cheat a little here and there.

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