Wednesday, May 30, 2012

dang my kids are cute

I thought I'd share this quick/fast while I wait for my camera batteries to charge. After much sturm und drang this morning, as I was doing a yarny photo shoot and my kids were doing their least best to stay out of the way of the volcano that is mom on a mission, I came up to the challenge of properly pictorially representing this pixi hat I knit up a while ago. I'm glad I decided to dial it down and let the kids help me, because these shots are killer cute. I love how Toby's a kinetic bouncing ball and Anais is holding back and being as grown up as she can muster. The last shot is my favorite yarn shot so far, its of the skein I spun up at Renegade, all 250 super silky yards of it. If I can resist knitting it up all for myself I think I'll reskein it into 50 yards each and call it a sukoshi batch. There was some wirecore at the end, too, but I'm knitting that up into cuffs now. I love that giant green noil slub. It wouldn't cooperate draft-wise so I just spun it in there whole.

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