Sunday, July 1, 2012

Putting more Eco in my wirecore

So, ecoethical is an actual word. I didn't know that until the other day when I was trying to come up with a term to fully describe my yarn. Handspun is really only half the story since so many of the processes and materials I use are very deliberately chosen. I use a low impact dye process, my silk is either tussah or repurposed noil and my wool/alpaca base comes from rescue farm in Wisconsin. I need a way to get the other half of why my yarn is special across in the fewest, least obnoxious number of syllables possible. When 'ecoethical' popped in my head I goggled it and hooray! Lots of folks use it, I think I will too from here on out. As in: I make ecoethical handspun yarns. Or: My hand dyed art fiber batts are ecoethically produced.
I like it. It makes me want to push that particular envelope, too.
When I was at Renegade Austin my boothmates gave me an excellent tip. My wirecore yarn uses copper jewelry wire as the core and at $3 per 30 yards it feels a bit expensive. But one cheap source, outside of looting buildings, is alternator innards. It just so happens that my husband is terribly familiar with how to get used ones on the cheap. We've been using car junkyards to fix our crumbling Volvos for years. In fact, we happened to have an extra one in the trunk of Gerry's 164. I'm still not sure how much yardage I'll get, but at least the next batch of wirecore I make will feature repurposed copper wire in addition to all the other 'ecoethical' things Eat Agar does.

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