Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pictures of your feet, horses


This is another one of those Stan Marsh the Third street signs, from our last Amarillo trip.
Once upon a time I was almost a professional photographer, which means that now I'm a sucker for any and all photo apps. Many of the images that make it onto this blog or any of my other social media accounts have been filtered through more than one. A little bit of Photoshop for a touch of saturation and sharpening, maybe some Pixlromatic for a frame or a fake light leak. In my film days I always grabbed the Fuji Velvia first because anything worth doing is worth overdoing and I loved the cheap access to medium format that my Holga allowed me. I knew that the digital conversion was sort of inevitable, but there was still time to ignore that fact back then. Still time to take in the briny vapors of the darkroom. Now, I doubt I could afford to play with light the same way without all my computerized toys. I have to wonder though, and shudder at the long until even my Holgaroid back is nothing but a paper weight?


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