Friday, July 19, 2013

What's in a name?

There are many reasons we humans come up with for naming things. Familial lineage, descriptive ease or legal requirements are a few that come to mind. I seem to aim for obscure references, which probably means that half of my psyche is perpetually stuck in art school. In fact, that's exactly where I ran into the minimal sentence that is my Doing Business As name.

For a few glorious, frustrating months I attended Bennington College in Vermont. I was thousands of miles from everything I was used to and my whole world flipped upside down. Pretty much literally. Back in Colorado I was able to put minimal effort into getting good grades, but I was about as disconnected from my peers as a kid could get. Plopped into this new environment, surrounded by trustifarians and art nerds, I became overwhelmed at the mention of assignments and a compulsive party-goer. I had more new friends than my entire grade school career produced and yet I couldn't bring myself to write more than a paragraph. I loved Bennington, but I hated who it was turning me into. I ended up leaving after only one term. I packed a lot of memories with me though-and flyers.

Being the arty Mecca that it is a lot of the events around campus were advertised with handmade, hand printed posters. Bands coming through, dance recitals, movie nights were commonly announced in layers of screen print or blueprint with a dash of snark. And that's where Andy Warhol comes in, and Eat Agar. Just before the end of the term a Warhol festival was going down, complete with theme parties and a full-length showing of Empire. That's when I picked up this gem:

It apealed to me in the way an obscure reference often puts a sparkle in the eye of a budding hipster- agar agar being vegan gelatin and regular gelatin being one of the main components of unprocessed camera film. In high school I had come to the conclusion that if I wanted life to be like a movie that it was up to me to write and direct. I decided to make 'eat agar' my creedo, an art mantra.

When the time came to give my fiber hobby turned microbusiness a name I hesitated because it doesn't have much to do with yarn or fiber in general. But it does have everything to do with my worldview, still; post-hipster that I am. Deep down I am still the girl who believes you have to make your own magic. Besides, when have I ever been one for caving to the obvious?


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