Friday, September 6, 2013

The battification of a batch

The paucity of words continues, but here's a batch of Sukoshi being processed in the drum carder. It's a remake. The third generation of 'Girl Sailor'. The first batch was demo spun during the Georgetown Christmas Market, the second went into the Denver Art Museum order. This third one is coming along to the fall Firefly market and then to Paonia if I have any left.

The first, second, third and final rounds through the drum carder. Resulting in a tame, fluffy batt of (mostly) cooperative fibers.

The finished product can sometimes surprise me. Fibers and colors conspire to let one shine through while others take a backseat. It doesn't always turn out how I expect it to. The funny thing is, these guys usually let me know what their name is during the carding stage. They change their mind from time to time, but always during the mixing and smoothing out of the batting and (almost) never during the spinning. Its like this is the part when they really gel, becoming an artifact onto themselves and the rest-the spinning, the setting of the twist, the knitting or weaving or crafting- is pure being on the yarn's part. As much as yarn can purely be, I suppose.

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