Saturday, October 12, 2013

Grassroots, caterpillars

Alright chickens, I'm going to make this a million times easier for those of you out there who want to help but don't have a thousand or so dollars to spare. I have up to $500 dollars in the bank that I can shift over AND I have a PayPal account (and Square, too, if it comes to that). So if you have $10, $20 or even some spare change under the cushions of your couch you can PayPal it to me and I can wire the total directly to the bank on Tuesday and my landlord will never know the difference. Tweet me (@eatagar), text me or message me for my PayPal email or if you need a walk-through on how to do it. We are so very close and I want to make it possible for anyone to help White Buffalo Farm out, regardless of the size of your savings account. Little things become big things when we work together. A big thank you to the folks who have already donated, THANK YOU!

The video below should give you a better feel for what Wayne and the farm are all about and the difficulties small farms like this sometimes find themselves up against.


WBF call for aid from WhiteBuffaloFarm on Vimeo.


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