Thursday, February 5, 2015


     The month of January was for me time. Selfish knitting, a beer class with my mister, kombucha making, and generally hanging out around the house without the guilt of a to do list hanging over my head. It went by fast but toward the end I was missing the routine of work.
     Even though my stay-cation had a few days left last week, I started binge listening to indie biz podcasts like AIM and Tara Swiger's Explore Your Enthusiasm. It was so inspiring I ended up breaking out paper and pens to plan out my goals for the upcoming year. There's something about writing it all down that makes it real, attainable. Starting with the big stuff and breaking those down into 'actionable steps' transforms the conceptual into to doable. For me, anyway.

Here are my big goals for 2015:
~ take better care of my vendors. 
~ focus on what sells
~ experiment with a few others.
~ find a regular market to sell at
~ teach 
~ create a look book
~ publish something

personal goals:
~ 50 pairs of socks
~ yoga & archery

      I also wrote out my production timeline, the steps I take to get from raw fiber to finished object. Even though it lives in my head, it's a chattering beast. I have a habit of trying to do all the tihngs all at once which usually results in getting very little actually finished. I'm hoping that having it in hardcopy form will help me avoid vapor lock and stay on track. Structure = good.

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