Friday, August 21, 2015

respect the cycle

 I've been thinking a lot lately about the cyclic nature of my process. I can get frozen trying to start my day because there are so many tasks between fleece and finished object to choose from. Clarifying the steps, right down to dorky diagramming has helped. Having a timeline does, too. Yesterday I watched Tara Swiger's creativelive class and the math at the beginning helped even more. After plugging in some numbers I discovered how doable it would be to achieve my production/financial goals on a quarterly basis. As long as I respect the cycle.

Blue spindles! I had a notion to dunk some spindles in my now ever present indigo vat and it turned them gorgeous. I'm going to put them up in the shop as part of the kits. They should be on display at the farmer's market next month, too.

The garden produced a lot of garlic and shallots this year, despite the wildlife slowly developing a taste for the sweeter shallots. It's the first year I've tried such a large crop of them. Aside from a few I left in the ground just to see what they'd do, I've been curing all of them on top of the fridge and putting them into everything. The garlic are all hardneck, so I'm nervous I won't use them up before they go bad. I suppose I could make dried stuff, but I love it best fresh.

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