Friday, October 30, 2015


 Teeny tiny shop update this week. Just a pair of gloves. Also, this is officially the last blog post before I switch to Woad Spindle. There's technically a new site, but it's more website than a blog. I've decided that I'd rather do a few weekly posts from Instagram than one long one every week, mostly, on here. I may convert this space to writing, but eh, I really have no idea. The purdy new site is over here.

There was a big, fat full moon a few nights ago and I couldn't resist dragging out the telescope and the kids to go see. A small snow storm had just blown through so it was pretty chilly and breezy but the sky was crystal clear. I tried using a camera and tripod to get a cleaner image but I know nothing about the technical aspects of night photography so I was mostly just messing around. My phone got the best, only really, image. Every time I pull off this trick I think of Galileo and those first drawings of the features of the moon. Here I am, not especially a genius, achieving photo-realism.

I'm putting the finishing touches on my squirrel stash of plant dyed fibers. I started a madder bath the other day because I didn't think there was enough representing from that span of the spectrum. I might try to revive the indigo before I settle in for the winter and overdye some of the madder and the yellows so I'll have a really full range.

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