Friday, October 9, 2015


     The ratio has officially flipped. These last few batches of handspun contain a higher percentage of naturally dyed than synthetics. Something like 70/30 or even 80/20. Its been a goal of mine for while now and this summer, in between some heavy thinking about where I was taking this whole fiber art thing, I built up my stash of natural dyes and fibers.

     Venus and Jupiter. Castor and Pollux are in there too, too faint to show up though. Astrophotography is starting to become a new hobby, too. The kids and I have been using the telescope my dad gave them to find Saturn and Jupiter's moons. I'd love to get us set up to take shots of deep space objects. There is something magical about being able to name and locate and see these places. This simple shot was taken on my phone just before sunrise, on the road to the Longmont Farmer's Market last Saturday.

     Someday my studio will have walls, walls with insulation even. I'll probably have figured out a better storage system for the fiber by then, too. For now, for the next two seasons, I'm going to focus on making with the stash I've created this summer. Probably mostly wovens big and small. Because that's what calls to me. I might mix everything into one big batch or go all monochormatic with three or four. Either way, these colors and textures are going to be the making up the majority of my palette.

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