Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Despite the fact that the apartment is a mess I seem to be getting a lot done lately. I finally settled on a
 pattern for my pluckyfluff yarn. I bought a batt from her months ago but couldn't figure out what to make with it. I'm making, of all things, a neckwarmer in 3x1 ribbing with intermittent cable twists. I hated neckwarmers when I was younger. My mom always lugged them along when we would go skiing and they seemed so silly to me then. But now this seems like the perfect solution. I didn't want to waste it on a
 hat and the only other accessory I wear all the time is scarf, but I don't have enough yardage to make the kind I would want. "Cowl" it is then!

My grandparents came by a few days ago and left us a box of peaches and some pears. I had just left the box on the kitchen table and Anais was helping herself, but they were on the verge of getting too ripe so I froze most of what was left last night. We still have  a third of a box of apples from their last visit. When I first
 moved to Denver I never bought fruit
 because it seemed so weird, having to actually pay for what had been free most of my life. 

We went thrift store shopping yesterday and I found a new salad spinner for, like, $3 and a hugemous handknit sweater for $2. I started in on frogging it last night and did a burn test this morning and it's definitely natural, mostly protein  fibers. There's so much here I'll be able to do something from the Norah Gaughan book I just bought. I'm thinking of shrinking down the Kaari sweater for Anais. She loves pockets! We also found her a wicker bird cage like the one in Kiki's Delivery Service. When we got it home she proceeded to cram it full of her stuffed animals. 
My ravelry ad went live today! I bought a notebook one and new one in the marketplace section. I excited to see how they do. Before now I had only used the etsy ads, which usually only last a day and cost just as much. My hope is that sales pick up because of this new ad, but I keep telling myself not to be too optimistic with the economy getting all nostalgic for the late '20's.
I'm also dying up that tunis today. Anais helped pick out colors and drown the fluff. I had an idea for a colorway yesterday. I don't usually use orange, it is one of my least favorites along with reds, but it occurred to me that orange and pink and possibly gray would be an interesting combination.
I still have yarns to list, too, just two of them this week but maybe I'll manage to get a few more done before Friday...phyew! 

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