Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I miss green things

I miss having a bit of earth to play in, to plan for. But that doesn't stop me from trying. I've been reading lots of books about permaculture lately, leading to a lot of moping around (I'm not the kind of girl who enjoys window shopping, it's kind of heartbreaking when you get down to it) but also lots of ideas about how to maximize the scant growing space we have in the yard currently. Spirals, for one, are a genius idea! Some Ianto Evans style Polyculture will be a must this spring, given my love for arugula and Gerry's desire to pickle radish pods this year. Maybe I'll do some take on Three Sisters planting, too. Plus, I have a small stockpile of seeds to start in the next few weeks and worms to feed. So its not like I'm wanting for things to grow, I just wish there was room for some chickens, maybe a guard llama in there somewhere. Not to mention a few sheep for him to guard. Someday.


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