Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The all-knowing trash heap

I'm all for dignified names, but sometimes the work insists upon itself, to take a phrase from Peter Griffin. I thought for sure that this batch of fluff was going to be called 'nature vs. nurture'. It has my usual blend of fibers- wool, alpaca, heaps of yak and sparkles and horsefiber plus guinea feathers, shreds of Japanese language newspaper and candy wrappers. The message seemed clear to me. The impossible polka dots on the feathers and the bright colors of the fibers contrast and blend at the same time with the candy wrappers and kanji. I had conceptualized this arty notion beforehand and the batt's final destination had a lot to do with that. Except that while I was carding it and then spinning a proof of concept skein I kept having visions of Fraggles bopping in my head. Forays into the Gorgs' garden, radishes and postcards from Traveling Matt. Which, in its own way, is just my own nature getting the rug pulled out from underneath it by my nurture. So 'All-knowing Trash Heap' it is.

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